The Virginmarys are a band I never knew existed until a few months ago when I heard their single ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’. I loved what I heard, so when I was invited to go and watch them at The Old Blue Last in London I was very excited at the prospect of seeing this amazing band play live.

The support act was a band called The Bright Young People an unsigned band who formed in early 2011. They played a really good set, full of rock’n’roll and indie tunes that had the crowd cheering and clapping. They reminded me a little of Nirvana. I can tell this band will be big in the future!

Then it was time for The Virginmarys to take the stage. By this time the whole venue was packed full of people and you definitely got the feeling that they were going to bring the house down! As soon as the band stepped onto that stage the whole venue went wild as they opened with ‘Running For My Life’. The band also looked the part: dressed in black with skinny jeans and they were all sweating by the third song, as you would expect from a rock’n’roll band.  The song that got people moving and singing along the most was ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’. As soon as the band started to play that, the whole room was singing along with them.

The whole set was full of catchy, upbeat rock’n’roll and indie tunes. The Virginmarys are definitely performers! They got the crowd going and no one was looking at anything else apart from them! The whole thing was really upbeat and fun! They ended their amazing set with ‘End’s Don’t Mend’ which is going to be the last track on their debut album. As they played their last song the crowd were going crazy! Not wanting it to end, but sadly like all good things it had to come to an end!

Overall the gig was fantastic! I really enjoyed myself and I know The Virginmarys will be playing major venues and selling out gigs in no time! The bands single ‘Dead Man Shoe’s’ is out now and their debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ will be out in early 2013.

Review & Photography by Amy Rush Da Silva /

Live Review
The Virginmarys
w/ The Bright Young People
@ Old Blue Last, London