Riding into town on the back of a honky-tonk piano and a roughly strummed acoustic guitar, ‘Teenage Blood’ could barely be more geographically distant from Tom Williams’ native Tunbridge Wells if it was backed by Fijian nose flutes, but whilst the instrumentation might be more wild west than west Kent, the lyrical lamentations on the tribulations of growing up and dealing with family, relationships and trying to live up to expectations are much closer to home.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to sample the delights of The Boat’s debut album ‘Too Slow’ will find plenty of common ground here in the weeping violin, footstomping drums and of course in Williams’ heartfelt vocal, whose world-weary tones would be the pride of any seasoned troubadour.  That’s not to say that the band’s sound hasn’t progressed, and there’s plenty here to have us salivating over the prospect of their forthcoming second album, also titled Teenage Blood.

Single Review
Tom Williams & The Boat
Teenage Blood

Review by Paul Maps

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