Festivals 2010
Secret Garden Party

portal, the wait would be well worth it once over the threshold. They were right.


Tents pitched we were ready to explore as the sun began to fade and all manner of creatures of the night began to wander the grassy planes. Many revellers adhered to this year’s theme of ‘fact or fiction’, taking the opportunity to escape reality and be

A secret world of wonder and wierdety. A place where your dreams, or nightmares, can come true… only it’s not so secret anymore.


This was my first Secret Garden Party and I didn’t expect it to be so big, with a 5 hour queue at the gate where every festival goer’s every bag was searched for evidence alcohol and drug smuggling. My temper beginning to fray as my face reddened beneath the midday sun, those around me assured me that while such queues had never been seen before at this magical

someone else. That way you cannot be held responsible for what you might get up to.


To be honest there was little point in pitching a tent, there is no time to sleep and who would want to? There are so many characters to talk to and quirks to investigate. Nestled in a haystack or with friends on one of the many oversized beds watching the sun go up or down and forget the outside world. Chai was a life saver over the weekend, a life raft as so many rediscovered who they are and what they could be, if the world were like SGP.

There were all manner of entertainments on offer aside from what you would expect at any music event; from crafting to 1950s hairstyling; sailing on the lake to mud wrestling. It’s after dark that this place comes to life. Of course as with any festival amongst the throng you will find zombies in the dance tents and rich kids powering their noses, but there was something unique about this gathering, something that


cannot quite be vocalised other than sui generis.

To be honest I have never experienced anything like SGP. It didn’t live up to the hype of magic and mysticism that had initially persuaded me to go, and people said it had changed, but it was quite something. The level of escapism from all realms of reality allows you to quite simply lose your head. It sounds like I have just contradicted myself there, but it was in fact the people that made this festival so

unique: no one was who they would normally be, they were who they wanted to be. I think this comes from the amount of work that has gone into making SGP special in the past, and the people who fell in love with it then still attend with the same hearts, in need of fantasy and escapism. Keep giving it to them. Commercialism is everywhere, bar it from further infiltrating the festival scene, and especially Secret Garden Party where all seek sanctuary.


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Article by Nancy Roxx
Photography by Nancy Roxx & Georgie Jones