Album Review
Hey! Selim

As you’ve probably guessed from the myriad of features dedicated to the band in this month’s Joyzine, we’re rather excited by the release of their debut album ‘Hey! Selim’, and with good reason.


Revere are a band to whom the adjective ‘ambitious’ just doesn’t seem enough.  Through involving fans and hooking up with a range of photographers, film-makers and other creatives they have managed to build up both a musical and visual identity to the band that both feed into one another.  They’ve sold out London’s beautiful Union Chapel venue without the need for a promoter and hooked up with Facebook pressure group Storm the Charts to help push astonishing new single ‘We Won’t Be Here    


Tomorrow’ to break into the top ten of the Amazon indie charts.


All of which is in itself very impressive, and testament to the band’s self belief and work ethic, but what of the music?  Fortunately, Revere have the tunes to back up their achievements, and ‘Hey! Selim’ showcases their exquisite touch for creating epic, orchestral rock music.  Across its twelve tracks the listener is forced through an emotional mill, with the balance between turmoil and hope pitched just right.


Instrumental opener ‘Forgotten Names’ sets the tone with its interplay of guitars, trumpets and strings hitting both anthemic and melancholy notes, before segueing into the fragile, sombre form of ‘I Can’t (Forgive Myself)’, with the trumpet taking centre stage as the chorus throws Steven Ellis’ vocals into torment.


Elsewhere, the delicate guitars and glockenspiel of ‘Throwing Stones’ recall, without imitating, Radiohead at the height of their powers, building to an emotive crescendo than pins the listener to the wall with its forceful vocal.  ‘I Bet You Want Blood’ is driven along on a military drumbeat, while ‘The Tired and The Drowned’ adds a touch of gypsy folk, tango brass and chanted vocal refrains to the mix.


The album’s centrepiece comes in the form of ‘The Escape Artist’, a slow burning epic that provides the glimmer of hope without which the overwhelming sadness of some of many of the other tracks could become all encompassing.


‘Hey! Selim’ shows Revere as a band with a clear vision of where they want to go, and the tunes and craft to take them wherever they wish.  Seek it out now.


Review by Paul Maps - watch the video for ‘We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow’ below.