Dinosaur Planet is a 50 minute long rock opera about bazooka wielding dinosaurs from space invading the planet Earth.  It features giant robots, gratuitous pirate accents and the complete and total destruction of Peterborough.  AND it’s written and performed by indie-pop gent MJ Hibbett and a ensemble cast of his musical chums.

If after reading the above paragraph you’re not at least a little bit excited, might I suggest that you have somehow got lost on the internet superhighway and found yourself on the wrong website?

From its opening blast of ‘Theme from Dinosaur Planet’ to the its quite frankly ridiculous conclusion this album is a preposterous, comical and thoroughly silly delight.

Told through a mixture of songs, narrative and acted scenes, the storyline sees Earth come under attack from heavily armed dinosaurs from outer space.  Outgunned and

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MJ Hibbett & The Validators
Dinosaur Planet

desperate, all seems lost for humanity, with mild-mannered scientist Terrence Truelove and his eccentric grandfather providing our only hope.

The sprightly lyrics tickle the listener throughout, peppered with nods to movie conventions as the dinosaurs rampage through the East Midlands and the jaunty twee-pop backing is sure to raise a smile amongst all but the hardest-hearted of listeners.  There are plenty of twists along the way, with inter-special romance and intergalactic slavery amongst the themes touched upon, as well as, as far as I’m aware, the only ever song even written about undertaking an academic literature search.

If you’re like your music deep, philosophical and challenging then Dinosaur Planet probably isn’t the album for you.  If, however, your inner child is still alive and kicking and looking for some fun, there are few better places to find it than here.

Review by Paul Maps

Watch the video for ‘A Little Bit’