Imagine you have bumped into an old friend that you haven't seen for a couple of years and you ask them if they are still working in their home studio doing music and they give you their latest mixtape. When you play it it becomes apparent that your friend has been in a mental institution for three years and they have been away with the faeries. You are now experiencing a trip to Giantland where the radio seems to randomly tune in to oddball beats and strange samples of other inmates having disconnected conversations with themselves. In this psyche ward the medication is given out by Dr Octogon and the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Rooted in hip hop and dance beats but continually morphing between different styles Giantland is never dull and when repetition occurs it does not overstay its welcome.

The more you listen to Giantland the more you will come to realise that your old friend is really talented and you really hope that you bump into him again so you can get some

Album Review
Left Channel

more of his recordings and maybe find out how to get to Giantland yourself. The only thing wrong with this musical piece is that it is too short. Thankfully Left Channel have been busy and there are lots of other recordings available from their website. Most of them are of course completely deranged mashups consisting of spurts of ragtime jazz, rock guitars and classical music all interspersed with snippets of spoken word. It's like someone has just bought all the records from a charity shop and has proceeded to put them on at random but instead of sounding like a big amateur mess it has come out sounding like inspired genius.

Review by Andy Jesse

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