Welcome to the 2014 Joyzine Advent Calendar, our 11
th consecutive year of daily free downloads from our favourite artists.

Every day from 1st to 24th December a new window of the calendar will open, and behind it, a free musical treat.

We’ve got plenty of exclusives for you this year, including a few festive tracks recorded specially for the calendar!

Make sure that you check back every day for another helping of great new music.

Have a merry Christmas & a great new year.  Joyzine will return with a shiny new redesign in January.

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1st December - Piney Gir 2nd December - Elephants & Castles 3rd December - Hey You Guys! 4th December - Uncle Luc 5th December - Penny Orchids 6th December - Horse Party + Keys 7th December - MJ Hibbett 8th December - Vienna Ditto 9th December - Lark 10th December - Love Buzzard 11th December - The Milk Race 12th December - Kevin Nolan 13th December - Big Joanie 14th December - Bromide 15th December - Upcdownc 16th December - Extradition Order 17th December - The Soft Close-Ups 18th December - Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut 19th December - Fonda 500