South London indie imprint Audio Antihero have been releasing little slices of awesomeness from the likes of Paul Hawkins and Nosferatu D2 since 2009.

Self proclaimed specialists in commercial suicide, they’ve put together a 40 minute mix of “festive songs, festive sounds and festive slaughters” lovingly titled On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: ten blogger’s scalps… and featuring a combination of AA alumni (anti-folk hero Paul Hawkins & his Awkward Silences associate Papernut Cambridge, Croydon’s finest Nosferatu D2) and friends of the label (great Danes Me & The Horse I Rode In On, Zero Cipher) interspersed with a few festive (well, sort of) movie clips.

The label have also released Benjamin Shaw’s Christmas single ‘This Christmas (I Just Want To Be Left Alone)’ as a charity download in aid of Shelter.  Get yours here.

Download/Stream: Audio Antihero Mixtape

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Audio Antihero
Christmas Mixtape
ft. Paul Hawkins, Papernut Cambridge, Broken Shoulder, Nosferatu D2, Jack Hayter,
Zero Cipher, Benjamin Shaw & Fighting Kites, Me & The Horse I Rode In On
+ The Mince Pie Guaraldi Trio